Independent Robotics - Aqua2 Robots


Aqua2 from Independent Robotics

Compact high-performance versatile underwater robots.

Featured Work

Aqua-family robots have been deployed successfully in fresh water lakes, the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans, and in exotic locations such as a cenote in Mexico.

Aqua2 Models

Independent Robotics can build and deliver custom hardware and software solutions. We also offer several standard configurations of the Aqua2 robot family. All version use ROS as a control architecture and have rugged underwater enclosures. The three standard hardware configurations we offer are:
  1. Mobility Base: basic rugged waterproof legged mobility platform using patented technologies and no computing infrastructure.
  2. Basic Vision: vision-based swimming robot, dual stack control system, and autonomous underwater behaviors.
  3. Complete Vision: full-featured package with multiple camera vision system, multi-layered autonomy, multiple fiber optic cable options included, and other options included start at $110K USD

For more information, see our Aqua2 brochure: PDF document